Biomimicry San Diego is a regional organization working to bring the biomimicry methodology to innovation and solve human challenges.  

"Life create conditions conducive to life". - Janine Benyus.

Guided Nature Walk

We facilitate a number of guided nature walks year round in San Diego County. Each experience involves local naturalists and certified biomimicry professionals.



The workshops are designed for a wide audience. You will learn about the foundations of biomimicry and equip yourself to approach design challenges by drawing inspiration from the natural world.



Our experts are outstanding and dynamic speakers and we look forward to inspiring your audience.



We offer a unique multidisciplinary approach to problem solving and design challenges. Our team of certified biomimicry professionals, biologist, ecologist, engineer and business consultant combines broad expertise and nature-based learning in research, design, and commercialization.

We help clients find nature-based solutions to various design and engineering challenges, using a systematic approach and well-defined commercialization process. Our consultants drive results through tailored services, and cross-disciplinary knowledge of biology, design, engineering, and business management.




Educational Workshops 


San Elijo Lagoon Ecological Reserve

San Elijo Lagoon Ecological Reserve


Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.
— Albert Einstein

Biomimicry San Diego offers a variety of educational experiences, including presentations, hands-on workshops, design challenges, guided nature walks and specialized seminars. These services can be tailored to fit your organization’s needs and interest. Our trained staff facilitate these programs in person, and the duration of the services can vary depending on the context.


  • Introductory Biomimicry Presentations
  • Backyard Workshops (one to three days)
  • Mini Design Challenge
  • Biomimicry Brainstorming
  • Nature Immersion Activities
  • Guided Nature Walks
  • The Biomimicry Design Lens
  • Biomimicry Thinking
  • Life’s Principles
  • Biomimicry and Engineering
  • Biomimicry and Finance
  • Biomimicry and Entrepreneurship

Octber 2017 Nature Walk - Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve

Octber 2017 Nature Walk - Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve


Biomimicry San Diego offers a number of hands-on biomimicry experiential learning experiences designed for children and adults alike. The goal of these educational programs is to re-connect the San Diego community with nature, teaching participants how to learn from our local critters and how to apply nature's genius to human design challenges. Biomimicry San Diego team is dedicated to teaching and supporting biomimicry education throughout the region. 


Biomimicry San Diego facilitates a number of guided nature walks year around in San Diego County. Each experience involves a local naturalist and certified professional biomimicry experts and a group of "nature learners". The walks are scheduled on Saturdays and Sundays; featuring the following locations: Torrey Pine State Natural ReserveLos Penasquitos Canyon ReserveCuyamaca State Park,  and Mission Trails Regional Park Foundation.

Nature guided walks lead participants to natural attractions where wildlife and scenic locations are the focus of the tour. These guides are experts in the natural sciences, biomimicry and have the ability to engage participants with their knowledge of biology, geology, and the history of the location. The goal of the biomimicry guided nature walk is to lead a small group of individuals to an often protected but scenic natural area while having little or no impact on the environment. Participants are offered insight on the environmental impact of human actions as guides attempt to foster a general appreciation of the natural habitat.

Global Design Challenge - Climate Change


The Biomimicry Institute and the Ray C. Anderson Foundation are issuing a challenge to look to our planet’s living systems to help solve the greatest issue of our time—climate change. The 2018-19 Biomimicry Global Design Challenge is mobilizing thousands of students and professionals worldwide to tackle climate-related challenges using biomimicry. The goal: to show how nature-inspired design can provide viable solutions to the current climate crisis.


The Biomimicry Global Design Challenge Finalist - 2017-18

The Biomimicry Global Design Challenge Finalist - 2017-18

Biomimicry Launchpad

The Biomimicry Launchpad is an accelerator program that helps early-stage entrepreneurs bring nature-inspired solutions to market.

The Launchpad provides entrepreneurs and changemakers with the resources they need to launch and grow successful biomimicry businesses, accelerates the development and commercialization of biomimicry innovations, and helps create the next generation of sustainability entrepreneurs. Each year, Launchpad teams are eligible to compete for the $100,000 Ray of Hope Prize®, sponsored by the Ray C. Anderson Foundation, a $25,000 second prize, and additional cash prizes.

Apply by April 7, 2019, for entry into our next cohort.

Designed to help nature-inspired solutions advance beyond the concept stage, the Biomimicry Launchpad is an intensive program that assists teams in further developing their design concepts and market strategy utilizing business training, mentorship, and legal support provided by the Institute and its partners. At the end of each Biomimicry Launchpad cycle, one team is awarded the $100,000 Ray of Hope Prize®, endowed by the Ray C. Anderson Foundation.
The Biomimicry Institute

The Biomimicry Institute

Providing best-in-class advisory practices: market research, strategy consulting, and financial analysis.


Biomimicry Advisory Services (BAS) is an independent financial and market research and advisory firm, providing strategic advice and ongoing intelligence on emerging biomimicry technologies. BAS’s mission is to help leaders in the commercial, public, and social sectors develop a deeper understanding of biomimicry innovations and to provide a fact base that contributes to decision making on financial investments in this emerging section.





An entertaining and accessible read with profound implications for the future, Teeming takes us on a journey through nature’s most ancient and successful R&D labs, and gives practical prescriptions for redesigning organizations to flourish far into the future. Evolutionary biologist Woolley-Barker weaves poetic vision and deep scientific expertise to illustrate how flat, agile, and adaptive societies like ants, termites, and underground fungal networks self-organize for resilience and value.

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Biomimicry San Diego


"In nature everything is interdependent and interconnected". - Janine Benyus
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